Getting Unstuck

Have you ever felt stuck? You're feeling there's no place to go, you're unhappy with school, your job, your career path, your relationships, the town you live in! There are lots of "excuses" for being stuck. The one I have found to be the most common is that many people are in the habit of asking questions that have answers that keep them stuck! They have the habit of negative thoughts, which will create either no action or negative actions! "Why does this always happen to me?" "Who cares about me?" "What if I fail?" "There is no other skill I know." "It's impossible for me to leave because of the costs." Why not ask yourself different questions to help you create positive thoughts, which will help you to get unstuck? The good questions we ask ourselves create great action. The negative questions we ask ourselves manifest negative results. It's a great habit to ask yourself questions that will get you unstuck, that will help you take action, that will help motivate you to take risks, that will encourage you to have adult conversations, and that will help you say yes or help you say no! "How can I?" "Who do I need to meet?" "What do I love doing?" "Who should I be hanging out with?" As motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with."

 The main mental activity I do everyday is that I ask myself great questions, which stimulates my positive thinking. "Where do I want to be next year?" "Where should I be spending my time?" "What is my genius?" "What new opportunities should we pursue?" My favorite one is: "This sucks, but if I could find something good, what is it?" And the six magic words: "I can, I am, I will." I can succeed, I will succeed, I am successful! This habit keeps me moving forward on my journey to accomplish my desires! The bottom line is that getting unstuck takes a true commitment to take control of your life by controlling the thoughts you keep. I'll ask you again, who is in control of your thoughts? Create the habit of taking ownership of your own journey! If you don't, who will? Or if you don't, who is?