About Us

Founded in 2012, The Comma Club Platform creates a holistic way of business growth that harnesses the natural talents in the individual. Membership to The Comma Club is gained by mutual invitation only.


The Comma Club is comprised of a community of business people who have been successful in their ventures. But more than that, they have been successful in areas that add significance to their lives; they have deep relationships, excel in their aspirations, and have a new level of understanding with their surroundings. Let me emphasize this, The Comma Club platform is not only about overcoming the obstacles of your business, it is about having evolutionary experiences that bring your life to a new level of growth. 

The Aha! Moment

Remember that moment in your life when you felt like you had absolute clarity about your purpose? Maybe you were sitting by yourself at the end of a dock contemplating life. Maybe you were advising your friend on a major decision. In that moment, you realized that what you were doing, or thinking matched perfectly with who you are–Your personality, skill set, desires, they all converged in that moment and you thought, “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”


The Comma Club has an understanding of business growth. Sustainable growth begins by discovering your natural talents and aligning them with your business. The resulting product is an effortless evolution of your life, and with it your business. A person that exhibits effortless evolutions are what the Comma Club call Genius.


We have combined our expertise to pioneer the original natural growth concept based on the individuals unique learning style. We believe that when your values are congruent with your business vision and mission, effortless growth will follow. Discover The Comma Club: Predictable Revenue, Natural Relationships, Effortless Growth.

Effortless Evolution

A fine wine will effortlessly evolve over time. In the early stages of of bottling there are complex flavors that are not yet detectable; the fruits, tannins, and acidity are harsh and overwhelming. In the right environment these flavors will naturally evolve effortlessly bringing out smooth, luxurious flavors that can only happen through the course of time. A fine wine will become better, evolving effortlessly over time. Joining The Comma Club and committing to just 4 workshops per year, you and your company will experience the Effortless Evolution.

Discover how simple growth can be

Effortlessly maintain your success by evolving your life and business with The Comma Club platform. With our GENIUS, together your business will naturally evolve–maximizing your time, money, and effort. Very little exertion is required. We would say "no exertion required," but you do have to take the first step and engage your life in the process. It just might make your life more valuable than ever before.


Join the select handful of entrepreneurs who are effortlessly growing their business by adding significance to their lives. When you align your personal values with the vision of your business you will discover the mission for both. An evolutionary journey is waiting. It's not just about business, it's about your life.